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Phoenix Contact represents the decisions for all the aspects clips applying from standard to special. Engineers can have the following at their disposal:

  • screw clips
  • spring clips
  • clips QUiX for fast mounting.

 There are different clips suitable for any clamp construction – double level clips, fuse type clips, connecting clips for special wiring through the electrical devices walls.
Clips QUiX give the possibility to be mounted faster than any other clips and have a lot of advantages when used in industry.

- Economy by decreasing mounting time up to 60%, as there is no need to process the wire.
- fast wire mounting  with the isolation of polyvinylchloride and polyethylene;
-wire  mounting and dismantling without any special tools
- repeated wire mounting of different wire profiles into one clip.
Stable long term connection keeping the clip quality in emergency cases, temperature difference and corrosive environment.
They are allowed for operation in  ЕЕх е (explosive conditions)
To lead out the joints through the walls of electrical cubicles there are special leading –through clips in two variants:
Clips VDFK, specially for transformers and chokes with common waterproof filling.  
Powerful leading through clips HDFK, with special firm and reliable joint by clicking between two clip parts.
In all parts of leading-through clips the current carrying parts are protected from touching.

For marking bus clips there is a good system of control labels, joined into 10-elements marking stripes ZB. A control label setting is performed on the clicks and very fast, but for all that marking is seen at any visual angle. Control labels are produced with different standard variants of print or just printless.


PLUSCON has the following types of plugs
QUICKON – can connect the cable without any tools for 10 seconds.
Sensor and execution unit concentrators: the concentrator set and cables can be of help to make a cable layout in the equipment.
Large plugs: in metallic cases, for power and signal circuits. For more difficult operation conditions waterproof plugs with protection IP67 and additional shielding are recommended.
VARIOSUB – waterproof industrial cases for plugs D-SUB.
VARIOCON – the system joining power and signal contacts in a plastic or metallic case together with optic plugs.
HEAVYCON – reliable and firm plug for signal and power circuits.


Printed circuit clips are elaborated taking into account the high requirements of automation and electronics.

The clips quality is kept with no regard to the clamp type:

  • A great size of the clamping cell in the clip to connect the wires of a large diapason section
  • Firm clips body construction preserving printed circuit tracks from damage during mounting
  • Tin-plated clip lead is from copper alloy and the rectangle outlet section for soldering can guarantee the high quality contact of clips and printed circuit track
  • A clip body has canals for fume extraction when soldering and that excludes the body shrinkage and takes away the residual voltage.
  • Pointed outlets for soldering can speed and simplify clips mounting on the printing panels.


 Networks  and source protection
Input building current supplying requires the protection from lightning striking. Powerful dischargers and their combinations with the protection rate 1 and 2 make reliable base for protecting basic networks. TRABTECH represents reliable decisions to make multi-level protection systems for wires and easily applied protectors for complex three-level protection for networkss and power suppliers.

 Measuring devices and automated systems protection
Measuring devices interfaces and automated control equipment are sensitive to pickups more than to supplying lines. To protect interfaces TRABTECH has reliable compact multi-level protecting devices. If you mount the protecting device next to the protection  point you can surely separate the protected  inlet and outlet from the pickups.

 Telecommunication equipment protection
High frequency connection lines and low-voltage signal equipment require special decisions to be protected from impulse overwork. Dischargers must have large pass band and very quick reaction to the impulse high voltage disturbances limiting the pickups up to safe level. TRABTECH  has quick protectors for networks and any type systems with any standard plugs for instance,  RJ45 or D-SUB.

 High frequency communication systems
Antennas on buildings roofs, long antenna cables and high frequency wireless sets and transmitters are prone to damage from the static atmosphere discharges. TRABTECH has reliable protective devices with high frequency plugs, limiting impulse overwork up to safe level