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    Energetic industry
  Automation control system of recycling water supply
  Automated controlling system reconstruction for turbine set № 11
  Automation control system reconstruction of steam generating units in stations №1 and №3
  Dozing System and Technological Parameters Control
  Workflow Automated Control System of the Heat Load Regulator of Boiler №3
  Reconstruction Workflow Automated Control System of Steam Generating Unit №12
  Automation System of the Pump Station №6
  Automation system for №3 dredging pump station
  № 10 turbine set
  Shulbinsk Hydro Power Station
  3А and 3B conveyors
  The control system of the ore mass flows at the Balkhash Heat and Power Plant (BHPP)
  Automated control system reconstruction of steam generating units in station №11
  JSC "Vasilkovsky Mining and Concentrating Plant " Automated control System for Concentrating Plant technological processes
  The Control System of the Ore Mass Flows at Bakyirchik Mineral Resource Plant
  Electrical Furnace Reconstruction for Fusing Copper-Bearing Materials in the Electrothermal Unit of Electrolysis Workshop of JSC Kazzinc
  Automated controlling system for autoclave zinc leaching processes (ACS AZLP)
  "Automation system for 4th range of РИФ (RIF) -16 floating machines in №3 Main building of "Kazzinc" JSC mining-and-processing works
  Control system of flotation in Concentration plant “Ulba Fluorin complex” Ltd., Kurchatov
    Petroleum chemical industry
  Automated control system for gasoline supply of delayed coking unit at new hydro treating unit
  Automated control system of main flaring system and flaring system of acid gas
  Automated control system of gas pipeline Chinarevsk Gas and Oil Condensate Field (CGOCF) – the system of gas mains Intergas of Central Asia
    Construction industry
  Elaboration and putting into operation the Workflow Automated Control System of the JSC Bukhtarma Cement Company
  The Automated System of Autoclave Unit at the Aerated Concrete Plant 
  №4 kiln
  Automation system of the plant of aerated concrete productions
    Municipal housing economy
  Pump station №7 automation system