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 Relays and optoelectronic separation: galvanic isolation and discrete signals levels converting.
The base of industrial interface devices are signal converters on the base of electromagnetic relays and  optoelectronic couples necessary for making reliable galvanic separation of periphery devices and an industrial controller. The separation provides signaling without fails and interfaces do the task of converting voltage level, current and power for interfacing standard controller input and output with any sensors and execution units. Standard industrial interfaces makes easier designing, maintenance and  starting-up and adjustment in control systems.

  Semiconductor reverse actuators for three-phase networks: reliable conctactless commutation of great load
Electronic power actuators in comparison with their electromagnetic analogs have great possibilities and can  control electro motors with the power up to 4 KW quietly and with no wearing of contacts.
Contactless commutation at the moment of transfer of network voltage through 0 can guarantee disturbances absence. Self-holding in case of control signaling error provides operation safety. All the electronic actuators are supplied with good protection from high voltage at inputs and outputs that guarantees safety operation in the industrial conditions.

  VARIOFACE:t he systematic approach to interface signals wiring layout in the systems of industrial automation.
VARIOFACE represents making connections at the level of system cables and interface converters  at the same time speeding, simplifying and making cheaper the mounting guaranteeing error absence and high quality of the connections in the system. VARIOFACE consists of:
adapters VARIOFACE;
system cables VARIOFACE;
signal modules VARIOFACE.
All the plugs applied in VARIOFACE correspond to industrial standards. Signal modules VARIOFACE serve as input/output pods and can be applied in any branch of automation and electronics.

  Modules MCR: analog signals levels converting in the systems of industrial automation
Modules converters eliminate disturbances and gives galvanic separation, accurate converting, normality and analog signal amplification. Modules MCR are for work with any analog signals in automation industry and electronics.
We can deliver:

  • configurated and standard isolating amplifiers and passive converters with the separation  of all signal circuit and the current supplier.
  • Programmed and standard converters for thermocouples and thermo resistances.
  • Programmed and standard converters  of true  current value
  • Measuring frequency converters
  • Programmed threshold device (comparators)

 Serial interfaces converters PSM: data transferring with no disturbance
To make good communication via serial canals it is necessary to have reliable terminal interface converters, corresponding to standard speed exchange and requiring noise immunity in the communication line. Galvanic separation is absolutely necessary between the communication line and the control system. The converters  PSM is designed  and produced meeting all the requirements to noise proof, speed and reliability of the contemporary automated systems Phoenix contact has the converters for any standard serial interfaces.

  Impulse suppliers: reliable supplying for reliable systems.
Phoenix Contact represents industrial impulse suppliers to apply in the control systems and for highly reliable controlling. Almost all the contemporary systems and functional assemblies in industrial automation require stable current supplier 24V. They are the systems that require reliable suppliers Phoenix Contact that can be applied on bus-bars. Impulse suppliers Phoenix Contact are different in efficiency factor more than 90%, and that increases the reliability, decreases heat generation and lets use just convection cooling without fans. The requirements to efficiency and economy of machines and devices are increasing. Module concept is based on mechanical, electronic and automated devices require operational and flexible automation system. Communication possibilities and integrating are the main factors of reduction of costs. Hardware and software must satisfy the tendency in the future. Phoenix Contact has a great assortment of devices and systems for different claims and suggestions and all the necessary software.



AUTOMATIONWORX as a flexible and open communication board has a fine position at all the criteria in automation. The difference of AUTOMATIONWORX is integration degree and the size of communication. The products are connected by means of INTERBUS, other buses and Ethernet, and also with the systems of hjgh level. Due to open interfaces and intellectual instrument of the software, the products of other producers can be easily integrated in the whole system.

Six best decisions for automation

  • The open software for automation – software instruments based on operational systems Microsoft, and using open standards ACTIVE X, DCOM и OPC
  • An industrial network device is open and multi-purpose. Our components for networks Ethernet are for industrial use.
  • Built-in diagnostic functions increase the efficiency of network maintenance.
  • Phoenix Contact and the partners elaborate flexible control and monitoring systems.
  • Open systems based on PC and built-in control systems let realize decentralized control concept.

The components and system of input/output to control a cubicle and field setup Phoenix Contact are integrated simpler and faster.