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LAPP equipment

ÖLFLEX® drive cables and control cables

Cables ÖLFLEX® are applied in machine building and industrial equipment production, apparatus production.  

EPIC® industrial electric connecting plugs

EPIC® industrial electric connecting plugs are used in industrial equipment production, driving technical devices, etc.

SILVYN® Defense and leader systems for cables

Spiral wrap hoses provide additional defense from chemical and mechanical load

Instruments and cable accessories

Mounting instruments, cutting instruments, isolation removing tools, squeezing and pressing tools, isolating tubes.

UNITRONIC® data transfer systems

UNITRONIC® connecting cables provide fast and reliable transference of great amount of  data. A large nomenclature of connecting cables is included.

HITRONIC® data transfer optical systems

Fiber optic cables HITRONIC® are used for fast and reliable transfer of great amount of data.

SKINTOP® cable inputs

Cable inputs SKINTOP® are used to give reliable defense to cables. Just put in the cable, screw a nut tight, and that is all. The cable is fixed, aligned and waterproof.

FLEXIMARK®  Cable marking  systems.

Marking cables, separate threads, marking switch cubicles, etc. is unique, effective and durable.