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Equipment МОХА

Industrial Ethernet

The contemporary requirements to the high carrying capacity of switching channels and to the use of open standards and the possibility of internet work integration have made the technology Ethernet the basic for telecommunication infrastructure creation not only in the office but in narrow term at industrial plants. Active communicative equipment with the standard Industrial Ethernet was elaborated for applying in narrow term operation with special requirements to specifications and technical reliability.


Converters RS-232/422/485 in Ethernet

Serial interface converters RS-232/422/485 in Ethernet is a device line that can organize operation of serial devices via net Ethernet TCP/IP.


Port Boards RS-232/422/485 и CAN

Multiport boards of an isochronous serial interfaces RS-232, RS-422 и RS-485 of MOXA are known all over the world and are popular thanks to the model variety and the support of bus-bars (ISA, PCI, PCI-X, PCI Express, PC/104, PC/104 Plus), their high reliability and program compatibility with a great number of operational systems (Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, QNX, UNIX and others)


Converters and interface followers

Serial interface converters are applied to connect data collection systems, controllers, registrators and other devices with the interface RS-232/422/485 to the serial computer port to provide interfaces galvanic separation, to transfer data on fiber optic cables at long directions and in the conditions of electromagnetic interference.



Remote input/output systems

The intellectual systems of analog and discrete input/output are used to make the complex of data collecting and control. Systems ioLogik provide different sensor connecting, such as electrical, electronic and electromechanical devices to computer system via Ethernet, RS-232, RS-485, GPRS


Built-in communicational computers  


Built-in industrial computers based on ОС Linux и Windows Embedded