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Automated controlling system for 3А, 3B conveyors of coal mass flow

Client: "AES CHP (Ust – Kamenogorsk Central Heating Plant) JSC"

Controlling system of coal mass flow (hereinafter – the system) is designated for automatic operative accounting with set error of coal expended in technological processes in "AES CHP (Ust – Kamenogorsk Central Heating Plant) JSC". Functional designation of the system – control the mass of coal coming into boilers on 3A and 3B conveyors.

Procedure description:
Coal from depots, after grinding is directed to 3A or 3B to be put into boilers.

Automation system requirements:
Program-technical complex (PTC) was created as restorable and repairable system designated for long-term functioning with possibility for further upgrading.

The system provides:

  • automatic rerun at programme-technical complex malfunction;
  • displaying failure massages of separate components at workstation screen;
  • the workstation is organized to avoid dangerous situations for personnel caused by misoperation or equipment failure;
  • any shutdown of hardware is registered automatically;
  • input of management programs, normative-reference data and settings is made under password;
  • communication of operator and system is run in Russian language with queries and various menus.

Two-shift work schedule is ensured:
-1st shift – from 08:00 till 20:00;
-2nd shift - from 20:00 till 08:00.
Shift, day and month values of consumption are being summarized and archived during every year.

Solution and characteristics of automation system:

The system comprises:

  • АКВС-1 automatic conveyor scales, manufactured by SINETIC CJSC, №1785 certificate of weighers approval, Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • SIMATIC S7 based controlling system;
  • SIWAREX U weighing module;
  • Velocity inspection sensor;
  • ОР-7 operator panel;
  • Visualization subsystem software for operator workstation;
  • Workstation computer.

Project implementation period:
Start-up: December, 2005.

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