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Projects/ Metallurgy

Control system of flotation in Concentration plant “Ulba Fluorin complex” Ltd., Kurchatov

Customer : “Ulba Fluorin complex” Ltd.

Fluorite or fluor-spar(CaF2) is produced at the plant by means of fluorite ore concentration. Fluorite is used in metallurgy as fluxing agent, and to form low-melting slags and when processing sulphuric acid it is used to produce fluor acid. The main part of fluorite concentration is flotation.

Workflow description:
To form automation system at the flotation section the following technological equipment was applied:

  • 9 flotation devices (basic, controlling, cleaners)
  • Flotation devices valves on the pneumatic actuators and distributors Festo
  • Reagents dozing valves
  • Samplers

Automation system requirements
The system provides:

  • To perform collecting and long-term storing the signals of workflow from analog and discrete sensors
  • To give operative information concerning the workflow  in a convenient way: on the display at the operator’s panel
  • Automatic control, technological parameters regulation in the operating range
  • Individual remote/ manual regulating of actuators
  • To reveal malfunctions in an operative way
  • To add and transform the system without special technical change.

Automation system characteristics and structures:
The automation system is a two-level system.

The lower level is based on controller S7-300 – S7-315-2 PN/DP, collecting and processing technological parameters data and regulating the actuators. The lower level program is performed on the software base STEP-7.
The upper level consists of operator’s panel situated at the stuff section.
The operator’s panel is provided with the SIMATIC RACK PC and the software SCADA "SIMATIC WinCC" v6.2 and serves to store analog and discrete parameters, storing malfunction, precautionary and technological messages and stuff actions as well. Putting into operation and stop is carried out from any control object, setting values of malfunction range, regulators factors and so on.
The operator’s panel TP-177B displays the process current parameters and performs modes switching and regulators task set.
The lower and upper level are connected via Industrial Ethernet and Profibus net.