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Projects/ Metallurgy

The Control System of the Ore Mass Flows at Bakyirchik Mineral Resource Plant

Customer: Bakyirchik Mineral Resource Plant, Eastern Kazakstan Region, Zharminskiy region, Auezov village

The automation control system of the ore mass flows is one-level system (Complex Technical Means Structure Scheme, Appendix 1) including the control of the ore mass flows, mill level pit control and operation, mill bearing thermal control, sludge consumption control.
To program and visualize the processes the operator terminal ОР-77В and the remote display reflecting prompt conveyor capacity are used just at the work place. To control current status of the workflow an operator has at his disposal the information presented as digital symbols and graphics at the «memograf» panel.
The prompt capacity and the data accomplished for an hour or a working shift is reflected. The history volume on the controller internal storage is one month.
The controller «Siemens» S7-300 with input-output signals unit performs the following functions:
- collecting and processing the sensors information;
-  parameter exceeding  control and technological bounds regulation;
- information exchange with the operator terminal ОР-77В;
- data display on the remote display ИТЦ 420.
The information exchange between operator terminal ОР-77В and S7-300 is performed via PROFIBUS DP.

Test level

To measure coal mass flow on the belt conveyor the conveyer scales АКВС-1 are used. The operation of the scales is based on measuring output load sensor electric signals and the same signals of speed sensors that change proportionally to the load on the conveyor and the belt speed.
To define the pulp consumption the magnet demand indicator «Siemens» MAGFLO is used, it has the original memory unit SENSORPROM where the measuring sensor calibration data and the measuring converter settings are stored for the whole period of the device usage. When put in operation the demand indicator starts measuring immediately and does not require special programming.
To measure the mill bearings temperature the thermal sensors with analog output signals are used.

Cubicle Equipment
The controller, input-output modules and the other required equipment (terminals, switches, etc.) are set in the cubicles Rittal  with the protection rate IP56. Cubicle ШУ1 with the controller and the operator’s panel are in the sulfide plant. Box ШУ2 with the protection rate IP66 with the remote display ИТЦ 420, height dimension is 14 mm and is set next to the conveyor unloading unit.

Box ШУ-2  Rittal IP66 with the remote display ИТЦ 420


The performance diagrams are on the panel  «Memograf»
The demand indicator «Siemens» MAGFLO
The conveyer scales АКВС-1 at the Bakyirchik Mineral Resource Plant