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Phoenix Contact represents the decisions for all the aspects clips applying from standard to special. Engineers can have the following at their disposal:

 screw clips
 spring clips
 clips QUiX for fast mounting. Подробнее


РLUSCON has the following types of plugs
 QUICKON – can connect the cable without any tools for 10 seconds.
 Sensor and execution unit concentrators: the concentrator set and cables can be of help to make a cable layout in the equipment.

Large plugs: in metallic cases, for power and signal circuits. For more difficult operation. Подробнее


Printed circuit clips are elaborated taking into account the high requirements of automation and electronics.
The clips quality is kept with no regard to the clamp type:
 A great size of the clamping cell in the clip to connect the wires of a large diapason section
 Firm clips body construction preserving printed circuit tracks from damage during mounting... Подробнее


Networks  and source protection
Input building current supplying requires the protection from lightning striking. Powerful dischargers and their combinations with the protection rate 1 and 2 make reliable base for protecting basic networks. TRABTECH represents reliable decisions to make multi-level protection systems for wires and easily applied ... Подробнее


Relays and optoelectronic separation: galvanic isolation and discrete signals levels converting.
The base of industrial interface devices are signal converters on the base of electromagnetic relays and  optoelectronic couples necessary for making reliable galvanic separation of periphery devices and an industrial controller. The separation provides signaling without... Подробнее


AUTOMATIONWORX as a flexible and open communication board has a fine position at all the criteria in automation. The difference of AUTOMATIONWORX is integration degree and the size of communication. The products are connected by means of INTERBUS, other buses ... Подробнее